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What is passion all about?

There are many definitions, articles and engaging speeches about passion. The definition most closely connected with the focus of BeMoRe is in the The Power of Pull, defining passion as a "sustained and deep commitment to achieving our full potential and greater capacity for self-expression in a domain that engages us on a personal level.”

Why is passion important?

How many of us can say we get up in the morning and are thrilled to go to work? The reality is, it's quite an opportunity to integrate your passion with your profession. The vast majority of individuals tend to define work as a way to make a living. It’s hard for them to envision work as something they actually like to do. There is a strong cultural notion that passion is only found in activities outside of work, in the arts or recreation. Recognizing that passion can be integrated with a profession drives an intrinsic motivation for excellence in professional performance and contributions.

Below is a quick GigaOm video of John Hagel discussing the importance of passionate professionals. (there is a 15 second ad that plays before the video, but we promise it's worth watching!)

How does BeMoRe connect people with their passion?

To foster passion empowerment, BeMoRe conducts an assessment of where people are in the development of their passion. We utilize the assessment to identify opportunities for direction and facilitate an increased sense of connectivity to the passion development process.